I Went to Mars

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I went to Mars in my sleep and met another me

She had dark eyes and purple hair, and knew what my future would be

I should have been scared, but time didn't allow me to,

she said, " they will follow you."

She sang my existence in songs and spelled out my worth,

She knew the rights but also mastered all the wrongs

I felt her home was also mine. She said, "fear breaks you in two." And murmured, " there is power in you."

She took me to an empty field and said, "they'll be waiting on you to make the ground tall and the hills flat, and then they will follow you."

"In you, as in me, they will only see a reflection."

But then Mars became Earth, and all I had left was a scent, hers, but also mine, just like the dark brown eyes.

#blackandwhiteworld #writing #poetry